Monday, May 7, 2007

The First Family Update

We are finally done with the basement!! Hooray. Because Mom and Dad were coming up for Ethan's baptism on Saturday, we decided to finish everything we could before they got here from Washington. I finished painting the bathroom and caulking around doors. Then on Thursday I tiled the laundry room (a lot easier than I thought it would be) and painted it. Although it will be a few months before we finish decorating or adding furniture, the hard part is over.

Elijah is still our little walking machine! And he loves to talk up a storm - or at least he thinks he is having conversations with you. Henry still tortures the poor little guy, but at least sometimes I catch them playing nicely together.

Jeff is still working hard as a real estate agent. He recently broke off from his partner who will be moving in the next few months. He works mostly in his home office and continues to train with the Mike Ferry organization. We are praying that things pick up and that more opportunities come his way.