Monday, July 21, 2008

LuBean Family Reunion 2008

I know I don't have time for a blog and I have even admitted to several people I would never do one. But here I am! I am in the process of quitting my writing job for, so I thought I needed a little of an outlet for expressing myself - so here goes . . . .

We just got back from the LuBean family reunion. It was so good to see all the family together. From going to Slide Waters and Lake Chelan to the talent show and biking the loop, I have to admit my two favorite parts of the reunion were sitting around the living room and just chatting with the fam and also the family protrait day (I know that everyone else probably dreaded it, but I just love capturing people in a photo!). I sure wished my brother Devin and his wife Heather (due to have a baby in the next month) could have been there. So we had 37 people at the reunion and for posterity sakes, I am going to list them all here:

Mom, Dad & Shae
Jason & Devera (Kids: Sheralyn, Madelyn, Savanah, Melody)
Whitney & Adri (Bailey, Kiara, Jenna, Cole, Noah)
Wendy & James (Hannah, Courtney, Gabby, and Kennedy)
Aaron & Sara (Ethan, Caleb, Abigail, Madison)
Jeff & Me (Henry, Elijah, and Trevor)
Jared & Lilly

We also had Sara's niece there too - Tana (short for Montana).

The last day of the family reunion just happened to be my 10 year high school reunion. I have to admit that I was expecting more from it all. But there were only a handful of people that I wanted to see. I was surprised at how much the same everyone seemed. Not that I have changed that much - although I did get rid of my bangs! Some people have gained a few pounds, some have lost some weight, and other have dyed their hair, but as a whole it kind of all seemed the same. I haven't felt really awkward for many years, but going back to the high school scene reminded me that I am glad I am not there anymore. I guess I never really fit in with any crowd back then, so I didn't really have a place - I was a jock, a nerd, a singer, an actor, a teacher's pet, and sometimes cool. Will I go to the next reunion? Yes, probably. The people I like to stay in touch with will hopefully be there. Stacia, Morgan, Sam, Katy, Melinda, Nick, Scott, Nichole, Rachel, and Clayton -- here's to you, thanks for being there through high school (and I hope those that weren't at the reunion will be at the next one!)